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Staying in education until 17? Come to college to succeed!

Raising The Participation Age

What does this mean?

From summer 2013 the Government is raising the age that young people need to stay in education or training. Students currently in Year 11 will need to stay in education until 17, and if students are in Year 10 they will need to continue until they are 18.

Why are these changes happening?

Evidence shows that if young people get qualifications at this age, it can help with their job prospects and help increase the amount they earn over their lifetime. On average young people with 2 A Levels (or equivalent) earn 14% more than those without.  Raising the Participation Age will give young people the opportunity, chance and support they need to participate after age 16.

What does education and training mean – does it have to be school?

No – there are many other places you can learn as well as stopping on at school including:

  • Going to college
  • Learning in a working environment
  • Through voluntary work

And there are many courses for students aged 16 and above including:

  • GCSEs, AS or A Levels
  • Vocational courses or Apprenticeships
  • Flexible Foundation Programmes
  • Learning whilst in part-time or voluntary work

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Posted on Wednesday 20th February 2013