International Schools Delegation Dines in Style at Stratford-upon-Avon College

Stratford-upon-Avon College played host to a delegation from eight international schools across Europe on Thursday 22nd January.


On January 19th, over seventy staff and pupils aged 8 – 10 from schools in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Turkey and Norway arrived in Birmingham as part of the Comenius Programme, an EU educational project that aims to help school pupils and educational staff better understand the range of European cultures.


They spent a week as guests of Birchfield Community School in Aston, learning about English education, sharing ideas on their respective cultures and celebrating traditional customs that countries are in danger of losing.


On Thursday, the delegation came to Stratford and were treated to lunch at the College. The staff and pupils were greeted by Head of Student Services Jane Aldred and taken to the college restaurant, where Principal Nicola Mannock gave a welcome address.


The meal was prepared and served by the college’s Hospitality and Catering students under the supervision of the staff, and the menu was carefully chosen to reflect local English fare: Warwickshire white onion soup, followed by blade of beef and bubble and squeak, and finally apple crumble. Both staff and students were thanked for their hard work in service and preparing the meal.


As a memento of their visit to the college, the pupils were presented with gifts of pens and stickers, before leaving to spend the afternoon in Stratford.


Birchwood School Deputy Head Teacher Jonathon Aldred spoke of the special welcome the pupils received at Stratford College. “The College students and staff put on a spectacular three course meal of wonderful British foods, complemented by fantastic service, that impressed all our guests with its quality. It started a day in Stratford perfectly, and it was an experience that showcased the quality of Stratford College’s students, teachers and leadership team. We were all very impressed and it showed our European guests the quality of British food and the standards achieved by the college’s students. A huge thank you to everyone at the College!”