Where will this course lead?

This Essential Digital Qualification provides you the opportunity to learn digital skills that are essential for the ever-changing developments in the working environment.

The digital skills focused on are:

· Resolving basic operating system problems

· Creating documents through word processing and image manipulation

· Practice communication through email and video conferencing

· Beware of the security issues associated with online transactions and managing online personal information and security

These digital skills allow you to demonstrate problem solving skills in

· dealing with aspects of computers and the internet;

· understanding the process of shopping online; and

· awareness of the use of personal information.

The teaching approach is for small groups, as well as one to one learning in a supportive environment.

What will I study?

Depending on demand you may study the qualification in one of the following formats:

Option 1

The course is over 15 weeks (3 hours a week - day or evening).

Option 2

The course is over 7 weeks (one day 6.5 hours per week).

Students will study:

· Hardware, file systems updates and searching

· Ranking of search results

· Word Processing, Image Manipulation and Spreadsheet

· Communication with email and video conference, teams

· Etiquette

· Moving files

· Online transactions

· Online security settings

· How to make the process of the transaction

· Personal information and security

· Backing up

· Personal History

· Health and Safety

How will this course be delivered?

The programme consists of practical classroom based exercises and study. The course delivery uses traditional teaching, presentations and demonstrations, tutorials, peer support, individual, independent learning.

What qualifications will I get?

Pearson Level 1 EDSQ

How will I be assessed?

Level 1, Hours 45 GLH

There are:

2 assessments

· Set Task

· Short Answers test

Assessment is through course work, assignments, individual or group projects.

How do I get a place on the course?

There are no formal entry requirements. Prior to enrolling you will complete a short skills check to ensure the course is the right level for you (EL3 or L1). The check will help identify the skills you need to improve upon and allow you to set your own personal goals. All applications are to be submitted via the college website.

If you have a learning difficulty or disability, please let us know when you apply. You will be offered support in your interview. If you need help completing your application we can help with this too.

What else do I need to know?

This course is a full-time one day a week programme. A timetable showing your room and days of attendance will be issued, as well as dates for the assessments.

Please note that when you enrol you are accepting that the course content and module descriptions are accurate at the time of publishing and that the course content as described is based on what is possible to deliver under the government advice and social distancing rules at that particular time.

In the event of changes made to those rules, by national or local government, the College may need to make further alterations to the published course content. By enrolling with the College, you will be confirming that you are content to proceed with the course as detailed at that time and on the basis that the programme may be subject to reasonable change.

What can I do after this course?

The course is aimed at developing practical computing skills. The majority of businesses both small and large require people with these skills and to support the development of products and services.

Following the course you may wish to consider gaining skills in English or Mathematics. The College offers a wide range of course which may prove suitable for your future development.


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Part Time

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The career paths provided are to give you an idea of the careers that you could progress onto in the future. However, for some, you may need to complete higher level qualifications and gain experience before your dream job becomes a reality. The information provided is to support further research and to generate some initial career ideas when choosing a course. Please check entry requirements to degree courses, apprenticeships, and jobs as this may vary from year to year and across providers. For further advice and guidance, please contact: careers@solihull.ac.uk.
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