What will I study?

This class explores elements of Contemporary Dance and Jazz Dance in a lively and upbeat way. Contemporary dance developed later than classical ballet using floor work and the natural weight of the body to create momentum whereas Jazz Dance explores the range of dynamics that isolation of different parts of the body can bring in a more theatrical style.

Both styles are excellent for muscle strength and stamina, and will also improve coordination and movement memory. The class is designed for all - whether you are new to contemporary or jazz dance or familiar with the one or both genres - so have a go and keep both mind and body active!

What qualifications will I get?

No formal qualification is associated with the course

How will I be assessed?

No formal assessment is provided, however feedback and guidance within taught sessions is given

What are the entry requirements?

This class is designed for those with some dance experience, not necessarily in jazz or contemporary, but if you are a willing beginner come and try it, you will be guided through.


Stratford-upon-Avon College

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Course Fee

£7 per session

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Study Mode

Part Time