Backstage Production Arts student works on Netflix film

27th February 2023

A former Backstage Production Arts student from Stratford-upon-Avon College received the chance to rock out on a recent job where he set the stage for music legends Def Leppard on new Netflix film Bank of Dave.

Not only was the chance to work on a Netflix production an amazing opportunity, but the film included a concert by Def Leppard and as a huge fan, this made the work even more spectacular.

Def leopard set

Josh has always had an interest in Backstage Production Arts. At school he took on technical roles on all the shows. When it came to choosing a course at college in 2018, he knew that learning about technical theatre was for him.

Josh had to start at college on a Level 2 course so chose Music as another of his passions which meant he could do his English and Maths alongside. He then progressed onto the Level 3 Backstage Production Arts course.

The course was perfect for him: “I enjoyed getting hands on with the kit and challenging myself to be the best. I enjoyed working with rigs and equipment and being in show environments which made me a better technician. I definitely think it prepared me for the big arena work I do now.”

During his time at college, he managed to secure work for the BBC on the Canterville Ghosts starring Andrew Head and Caroline Catz working in the props department. It went so well he was invited to work there again on the Sister Boniface Mysteries working on props and building sets for location.

He loved the work: “It was really interesting and really made my career goals change to include more TV and film.” He was progressing so well he considered going straight into the world of work, however after discussion with both lecturers and bosses at work, he decided to continue training after College and went to the Backstage Academy to study towards a degree.

He received an email from his university sharing the opportunity to be involved on a new Netflix film and he instantly signed up. The work ended up being part of the team to set up the stage and rig for the Def Leppard concert at the end of the film.

The whole experience was incredible: “I took part in the three day shoot which involved rigging, setting up, programming, watching the filming and then derigging. I also got the chance to meet the band and as a huge fan it was incredible. I was given the drumstick used in the film by Rick Allen and I will be hanging on to the memento for dear life!”

His favourite thing about the experience: “Seeing what we did come together. It looked incredible and seeing it as it was being filmed was crazy. Working with Def Leopard and Rory Kinear on the stage we built was amazing.”

Alongside his studies Josh is still working professionally, currently working for Usual Suspects as a General Crew Member and has worked on gigs for Stormzy, The Killers world tour, Little Mix, Ghosts, One Republic and Lewis Capaldi.

Well done Josh!

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