College completes its first academic year of litter picking

7th July 2023

Students and staff from Stratford-upon-Avon College recently took part in their final litter pick of the academic year.

The College has committed to reduce litter across the campus to help reach its sustainability goals. Every month, students and staff gathered for the litter pick and went out around college grounds and surrounding areas. Different groups of students attended each session – including groups from the Performing Arts, Public Services and Foundation Learning departments.

Every month a group of staff and students meet to take part in the litter pick

The students have really enjoyed taking part, with multiple students volunteering for repeat sessions. Foundation Learning students Laura Bartley and Lucie Hemmings took part in the litter picks regularly. Laura was pleased to take part: “It helps to keep the College clean and doing it regularly allows us to keep on top of it.” Lucie added; “It’s great to work as a group, be out in the fresh air and help the environment!”

The Foundation Learning students volunteered more than any other group on campus, which led to them winning a Sustainability Award from the College.

The Foundation Learning students won a Sustainability Award for their incredible commitment to keeping the college clean

Jackie Handy, Campus Co-Ordinator and lead of the litter picking group was incredibly proud of what the staff and students have accomplished: “I can’t thank the everyone enough for all of their hard work this year. The dedication of all the staff and students, whether they took part once, or were regular participators, was incredible. I’m so pleased that we have been able to do our bit to keep the campus clean and help the environment.”

The litter picking sessions will continue in September and we can’t wait to ‘pick up’ where we left off!

Find out more about the college’s sustainability commitments: Sustainability at SUAC