Digital Media student secures TikTok content creation role

26th September 2022

A Digital Media Production student from Stratford-upon-Avon College is ecstatic to begin managing the TikTok account of an up-and-coming singer songwriter.

Hannah Campion, 17 from Stratford-upon-Avon, is in her second year of the Digital Media Production course and is extremely excited to have started managing the TikTok account of performer CMAT.

CMAT is a singer, songwriter and musician from Dublin, Ireland. Her debut album was released in February 2022.

CMAT on stage
CMAT pictured above during a performance

Hannah enjoyed CMAT’s work so much that she began a CMAT fan page. CMAT saw the work and contacted Hannah to say that she loved what Hannah had created. Since Hannah was coming to a performance, CMAT organised for Hannah to meet her after the show.

close up of hannah
Hannah (pictured right) with CMAT (pictured left)

Hannah continued to create engaging content for CMAT which received excellent engagement. She was even contacted by Eilis Doherty, the director of CMAT’s music video and someone who Hannah also greatly admires, who told her she loved the edits Hannah had done on her TikTok videos.

Following this, CMAT decided to let Hannah run her TikTok account for a week. It went so well, with many of her posts getting thousands of views, that Hannah has now been offered the role long term.

Hannah is ecstatic to be taking on the role: “CMAT is my absolute idol! The trust she has put in me is crazy. But it is a complete joy for me to do. It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m so grateful to have the chance to work with someone I admire and idolise.”

CMAT during a show
CMAT has kept Hannah on to keep creating engaging TikTok content

Hannah is happy to have found work that she can use her skills and passions for. She has also been able to utilise the learning she had from the College: “The Media course has 100% helped develop my skills. I also revisited the learning we did about social media and used that to help me to plan my content.”

Hannah is now aiming to continue creating engaging content for TikTok and develop more content to hopefully use on other social media platforms. Long term she wants to be a Director, so the experience of creating and editing that this role provides is invaluable.

To see some of the content Hannah is creating visit CMAT’s TikTok @cmatbaby.

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