Music students take us to the movies

24th March 2022

Music students from Stratford-upon-Avon College recently took audiences on a journey to the movies during a concert showcasing their sound design projects and themes from classic films.

Students studying in their first year of the Music Performance & Production course delighted listeners with a range of audio experiences including sound design, synthesis, foley art and film music supported by visual projections.

The show began with an epic opening. A Star Wars projection introduced the show as the students entered to take their places in the band. The students then proceeded to play through a range of famous themes from films like Rocky, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, ET, Indiana Jones and Skyfall led by conductor Rob Hague.

Audiences were treated to a range of classic film themes

The musicians were excellent and for each different theme, different instruments took a lead. A particular highlight was the bass riff to the classic film Pretty Woman and the soft electric piano for Harry Potter as well as some stunning vocals for Skyfall delivered by Katie Volkearts and Mikki Bull.

There were fantastic performances by the music students throughout the show

The students then showcased their sound design skills. Created to accompany short clips, each student had created a background of sound and accompanying foley effects for either a game or a scene from a film. There were particularly fun demonstrations including scenes from Spiderman and the animated film Brave.

The evening was a complete success and enjoyed by all. Music lecturer, Stephen Birkett, commented: “There are a range of reasons for why this is a beneficial project. Firstly, it gives the students experience of working in a compositional pit orchestra. It also gives them an idea of the range of jobs and roles linked to sound and music in the TV and film industry. Learning about how to create and apply sound effects to visuals and to work to a brief are all important skills that will help them in their future careers.”

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