Students learn to be safe on the road

1st March 2024

Uniformed Protective Services (UPS) students from Stratford-upon-Avon College learnt all about how to be safe in the driving seat as they took part in a session lead by the Road Safety Team from Warwickshire County Council.

Road Safety Officers Fiona Cremin and Nati Lopez came to speak to students as part of The Journey programme – a comprehensive programme of road safety education for Warwickshire Secondary Schools, sixth forms and colleges that focuses on helping participants becoming safer road users.

This session focused on Driving for Life – detailing what you require to drive, the testing process, what to look for in a car, and skills to ensure you are a safe driver.

driving safety talk to students
UPS students really engaged with the talk by Road Safety Officers Fiona and Nati

Students were shown the profile of a young driver and learnt about the consequences of unsafe driving behaviours. They also learnt about the ‘Fatal Five’ – five offences which make a person more likely to be involved in a collision: careless driving, drink/drug driving, not wearing a seatbelt, distractions such as a mobile phone, and speed.

Fiona detailed the importance of these sessions: “We want young people to understand why they behave and act in certain ways, so then they can appreciate and change their behaviour and be safer on the road. We want them to take this knowledge not just as prospective and new drivers, but take these lessons and keep them for life.”

The students really enjoyed the experience. Morgan Goshan commented: “It has been really useful as I am currently learning to drive, so all this extra information is really beneficial.”

UPS lecturer, Oli Wilkins, commented: “The session was useful for students as it gives potential and new drivers knowledge of the real benefits and challenges of being a new driver. Making them aware of the costings of driving but also the lethal impacts of the fatal 5 distractions. The road safety course also allowed UPS students to further develop their skills in relation to the course as many jobs will involve driving to a very high standard.”

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