Bootcampers use TV Studio to send dog to space

27th March 2023

Stratford-upon-Avon College welcomed participants from the Filming Performance Bootcamp ran by partner college Solihull College & University Centre as they developed skills in the College’s state-of-the-art TV Studio.

The Bootcamp is delivered in partnership with West Midlands Combined Authority (WCMA), The Space and Screen Skills and aims to provide with participants with in demand skills and understanding in all aspects of multi-camera filming of arts performances.

Participants came to Stratford-upon-Avon College to use the state-of-the-art TV Studio to film, vision mix and edit various short projects to help develop those skills. One of those participants was Lori Hopkins.

Lori Hopkins with puppet
Lori with Laika the Space Dog

Lori is a Puppeteer and signed up to the Bootcamp to develop filming skills so she could film and promote her work better. So, when the Bootcampers got the chance to lead their own short projects mid-way through the Bootcamp, Lori volunteered her own project; an original piece of theatre about Laika the Space Dog.

Two years ago, Lori created a piece of theatre inspired by the story of Laika who was one of the first animals ever sent to space. Lori wanted to create a fun fantasy retelling of this tragic story as a piece of theatre and uses puppetry and storytelling to show her version of Laika’s journey. The piece has recently been redeveloped for touring ready for this summer. Lori and the Bootcampers filmed short sections of her work to create a promotional trailer.

Lori has thoroughly enjoyed her experience on the Bootcamp: “It has been amazing! I’ve been working with a great team and done some wonderful adapting for the film. I’ve learnt an incredible amount: creating digital content, social media content, working with cameras, adapting theatre for film, collaborating with others, the list goes on! It’s also been great to collaborate with others on the course which could lead to future opportunities.”

Course Director of the Filming Performance Bootcamp, Hayley Pepler, was incredibly pleased with all the participants work: “I have been particularly impressed as the Bootcampers have only been learning for four weeks. They are all calm, professional and focused and effectively worked together and it was very exciting to see the content they created.”

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