College Graduate Prepares for Fashion Future at Grazia
Monday, 31 July, 2017

A budding graphic designer is set to embark on a highly-prized internship at Grazia magazine.

Julia Beddows, 18 from Shirley, recently graduated from Stratford-upon-Avon College’s Graphic Design & Animation course and will set off for the glitzy fashion magazine’s Dubai offices at the start of next year.

Eagerly anticipating her globe-trotting placement, Julia said “I’m lucky enough to know somebody who works on the Grazia design team, and when I was completing college assignments I took the opportunity to contact them for some professional advice. When I mentioned that I was deferring my place at university for a year, they were kind enough to offer me the internship so I could gain some crucial industry experience.”

Her lecturer at college, Colin Flint, is confident the placement will be invaluable in advancing Julia’s skillset. “Working in an industry environment and completing assignments for professionals in the design trade is the very best opportunity for Julia to implement and expand upon all the techniques she has learnt over the last two years at college.

“It will be an intense placement for her but I have every confidence that a student of her ability, creativity and maturity will have no problem meeting the demands of the role.”

Julia highly recommends her college course to anybody wishing to study the subject. “Not only did I get to use and experiment with professional equipment and software, I also got to meet some amazing new people.

“When choosing where to study, I was definitely influenced by the facilities provided in the Art and Design department, and the amount of creativity and individuality the college displayed. Students are allowed to take their ideas and produce projects with whatever materials they want.”

Following her internship, Julia will return to higher education. She has secured a place on Birmingham City University’s Illustration course where she will strengthen her artistic abilities and build upon the skills she will gain in Dubai.

“I think the best part about working in the creative arts and design industry is that there are so many specialist roots to branch out into, leading to a really varied career. For example, employment in the graphic design industry also involves working in illustration and product design.

“I don’t know who I’ll be working for in the future but options and possibilities are limitless!”

Julia Beddows