Content Producer apprentices get creative in new design business

16th November 2021

Two young people from Stratford-upon Avon College are enjoying their Junior Content Producer apprenticeships at a new business recently born out of lockdown.

Peeli, which is a brand within Claret Sales and Marketing Ltd, is owned and ran by Clare Underwood. Clare had worked in national sales for years, however during the pandemic lost her job. After years of travelling and commuting for work, she decided to try working closer to home and set up her own business. In October 2020 Claret Sales and Marketing Ltd celebrated the official relaunch of Peeli Printing. The business aims to create a variety of materials to make brands stand out.

When it came to taking on more staff, Clare chose to offer the work to apprentices. She comments: “There are a lot of young people with an excellent work ethic that don’t want to go to university.”

She was advised to work with Stratford-upon-Avon College by other local businesses and has now found two full time employees, Rhoda Barton, 18, and Sophie Langston, 19, both from Bidford-upon-Avon. Though apprentices, Rhoda and Sophie have taken on a wealth of responsibility. Clare comments: “They are definitely doing the job! We all do the work as a team” – the team being Clare, Rhoda, Sophie and 6-month-old puppy Brandy!

Peeli team at Stratford-upon-Avon College
Clare, Rhoda and Sophie make a great team

Before this, both Rhoda and Sophie didn’t want to stay in more formal educational settings. Rhoda comments: “I was really excited when I got my placement here as I was currently in my second year of college in Redditch but wasn’t enjoying it. I have never got on with full time college or school. I’m a visual learner and always have learnt better practically so that’s why I decided to look for apprenticeships in something creative.” Sophie had finished her A-Levels but didn’t want to go to university. She took a year out and worked at a local shop but didn’t want to stay there. “I had a look at creative apprenticeships as they sounded fun. I wanted to do something I’m passionate about. I’d always just taken subjects I was good at but not necessarily interested in. And at the end of the day apprenticeships offer qualifications and you can earn while you learn!”

There is a huge range of work available at the business for the apprentices to both take part in and even lead. They are currently working on projects which include running social media campaigns on TikTok, creating Etsy campaigns, working with clients, doing workshops with designers, and designing websites to name a few. Rhoda really appreciates the benefits of the apprenticeship: “It’s really opened my eyes to content producing. It’s helped me learn how to be in the workplace, I have gained new skills, strengthened old ones and learnt so much. You just can’t be bored, there’s so much going on and it’s so fun!” Sophie details how her apprenticeship experiences are preparing her for the industry: “Something I found when I was originally applying for work is that everywhere wants years of experience in industry and this apprenticeship allows me to gain that. The work is so diverse and eclectic, and I have developed so many skills.”

Sophie and Rhoda do a whole range of work as part of their apprenticeships

Clare is happy with how the business is running, commenting: “We are a young business, with a young team, working with big businesses! I have recommended taking on apprentices and working with Stratford-upon-Avon College to other businesses already!” Both Sophie and Rhoda have benefitted from the support the College has offered. Sophie comments: “There’s such a diversity of opportunities offered. The College offers help, support and resources whenever we need them.”

The business is going from strength-to-strength and the College is excited to see the apprentices continue to develop!

To see the work Peeli Printing does, visit their website.

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