Dance students explore Psychosis

18th July 2022

Dance students from Stratford-upon-Avon College produced a stunning piece of contemporary dance for their end of year performance.

Students on the first year of the Level 3 Diploma for Dance took inspiration for this particular show from a piece of modern playwriting: 4:48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane. Kane is notorious for her extreme and violent themes in her work and the students did not shy away from the tough topics explored.

Dancer in cage

The piece they created was a contemplation and expression of isolation, depression, the effects of medication, self-harm and suicide, with these themes being explored through thirteen dance sequences. Each one was choreographed by a student from the company.

The show was operated by two fantastic first year Backstage Production Arts students, Adam Blake and Evie Bryson who operated the sound and lighting throughout. The music chosen complemented each dance perfectly and the atmospheric lighting added to the feelings of unease and intensity created by some of the dances.

The dancers worked together effortlessly moving seamlessly from solos to duets to group numbers. They created beautiful shapes and showed off the range of skills they had been developing in their first year of training.

The dancers created beautiful shapes and moves throughout the piece. See images of their work above

Students added to the overall drama by vocalising moments throughout the show; screams, whispers, shouts. This highlighted how they have not only developed as Dancers but as performers; ready to fully commit to a production.

This intense and deep performance really displayed the talent of this set of dancers, and we can’t wait to see what they will produce next term!

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