Early Years student ready for the American dream

16th March 2022

An Early Years & Childhood studies student from Stratford-upon-Avon College has secured a job in America working as a Counsellor for Camp America.

Rebeca Burt, 17 from Stratford-upon-Avon, is a second year on the CACHE Level 3 Technical Diploma in Childcare and Education and is set to complete her course this summer before heading overseas to work with children at a Summer Camp with Camp America.

Rebeca Burt

Camp America is a company that helps summer camps find qualified and motivated practitioners to work with the young people who attend. Rebeca will be working at a new camp called New England Outdoor Camp; a camp born out of lockdown as people realised/remembered the importance of outdoor activity. The camp sparks and stokes the excitement, discovery and fun that can be found in the great outdoors and brings the campers back to nature.

She will be working with children from the age of 3-15 and will spend Mondays to Fridays with them. As well as being a general counsellor, she was also identified as a music specialist so will be packing her guitar and ukulele with her to play round the campfire and teach songs.
Rebeca details what she is most excited about: “I’m so interested to see the differences in children and childcare in the US compared to here. I’m hoping to chat to the director of the camp to learn more about the differences in early years education. It will be such an eye-opening experience.”

Working with children has always been something Rebeca was interested in. When originally thinking of starting at the college, she went on the Health & Social Care Taster Day, but keen for the opportunity to undertake a nursery placement, she transitioned over to the Early Years course.

Since then, she has done work placements in nurseries as well as a 7-week placement as a Nanny which she thoroughly enjoyed: “I’m really interested in nannying as in a typical job in a nursery, you will be looking after 6-8 children and have to get to know all of those families. But as a nanny you can really bond with one family.”

Camp America offers Rebeca the chance to gain more experience both personally and professionally before continuing in the world of work – as university didn’t appeal as much to her. It also offers her the chance to follow in a close family member’s footsteps. Rebeca’s aunt had done Camp America and had loved the experience. She had told her it was one of the best things to happen to her. Unfortunately, Rebeca’s aunt has now passed away and with the recent anniversary of her death, it makes the job offer even more rewarding.

Early Years lecturer, Sara Greedy, comments: “Rebeca has shown a real passion for working with children and young people throughout her time at college. Her confidence has grown since she began her journey to Camp America. It has been a pleasure hearing about every stage that she has been through and none of which seem to have phased her. I am super proud of her for achieving this and I know she will be brilliant in her role.”

The whole college wishes Rebeca luck on her adventure!

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