Homeopathy masterclass for Health & Social Care

18th March 2019

Health & Social Care students took part in a homeopathy masterclass, finding out about the history of the industry and how people receive this form of holistic treatment.

After explaining the origin of homeopathy and the types of ailments she treats, homeopath Vicki Miller explained to the students how her treatments positively impact both physical and emotional symptoms.

Vicki is the latest in a series of industry guest lecturers who have joined the Health & Social Care learners, further demonstrating the college’s commitment to introducing students to the full range of professions related to their studies, and giving them access to a variety of progression opportunities for future careers.

Homeopath Vicki Miller with Health & Social Care student Amy Payne
Homeopath Vicki Miller with Health & Social Care student Amy Payne

Vicki’s passion for homeopathy began when she became very ill in her mid-20s. “It was only after seeing a homeopath that I was cured. It completely changed my life and I felt amazing. I immediately knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life – I find it fascinating.”

Hoping to inspire the students to view health and disease from a different perspective, Vicki commented “Emotions are so important to our health but it’s something that we don’t acknowledge much in the western world.”

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