Make Up and Photography students collaborate on life saving project

9th November 2023

Make Up for Stage & Screen and Photography students from Stratford-upon-Avon College collaborated on a recent project to show the devastating risk of drink/drug driving.

The Make Up students received a brief to design casualty themed make up for a new anti-drink/drug driving campaign. They had to include a range of ‘wounds’ including cuts, bruises and burns.

Once the Make Up students had designed and practised their looks, they participated in a photoshoot led by the Photography students, using the College’s very own Motor Vehicle workshop to stage the ‘car accident’ scene.

Photography students taking photos of make up students casualty project
Photography students taking photos of the Make Up student's casualty project in the college's Motor Vehicle workshop

The Photography students shot some incredibly moving and poignant images. Students Will Fountain, Cailen Jones, Reka Fredricks and Kelsey Burton shared just some of their fantastic work.

Trigger warning – Please note all images below feature Make Up students and staged casualty make up.

Trigger warning – Please note all images feature Make Up students and staged casualty make up.

All the students really appreciated the experience. Make Up student, Beau Townhill, commented: “It was great to expand our practical experiences and to work with other departments within the college.” Ellie Simpson added: “It’s great to make new connections with other students. It was fun working with the Photography department for the day! It’s great for real life exposure and casualty make up allows creativity and lots of freedom so was a really interesting project.”

Make Up lecturer, Charlotte Hollingworth, described why collaborating with other departments was useful: “I always think it’s really beneficial. It’s a great opportunity for work experience, working with others and other courses and it also benefits each student taking part, building up all students’ portfolios and it makes them feel part of teamwork.”

Charlotte also detailed why this project could be of benefit for the wider college community: “The students had to research into the injuries caused by car accidents, but they also had to relate it to a drug/drink campaign. It raises awareness of what driving under the influence of drink or drugs can do, and the negative impact it can have on lives, and livelihoods. It makes the students realise how their make-up effects could have positive impact on society, and how it could affect people’s decisions and behaviour.”

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