Make Up students showcase special effects skills

1st July 2021

Make Up for Stage & Screen students at Stratford-upon-Avon College have produced an impressive array of final projects focusing on Special Effects (SFX).

First year and final year students have combined their skills and specialisms with themes that inspire them, ranging from social causes to magazine covers. Student, Abbey McGonigle specialises in Special Effects (SFX) Make Up and for her final project she combined her specialism with an ocean theme, she explains: “SFX has always fascinated me, and my ocean inspired make up look is giving me the opportunity to improve my current skills to prepare me for working in the makeup industry.”

Jess Ashe who has also specialised in SFX comments: “This final project has highlighted the process of transforming an idea into a final look which has allowed me to expand my makeup skills.”

Credits left to right: Jessica Marston, Alice Knights, Kirsty Watson, Paige Greenway

For first year students, their final projects have given them the opportunity to exercise the various skills they’ve developed so far such as SFX, seamless blending, graphic liner and extending models features. Student Leah Bickerdike says: “I was able to expand my skills as a makeup artist by incorporating the theme of futurism and chromatic surrealism using techniques, colour schemes and recommended props used by professional editorial photographers found on magazine covers.”

The projects challenged students, requiring them to document their primary research alongside what they had learnt from tutors and the various workshops held for them at the College. Sophie Stewart comments: “I was inspired by a makeup artist, Roseanna, who delivered a workshop at the College in which she taught body painting skills. I then created body art for my final look which required research into nature and fantasy.”

Student Olivia Ward incorporated the theme of ‘freedom’ with an editorial look whereby she fittingly entitled the magazine ‘Quaranteen’, she says: “The makeup in my final look represented freedom because the gold colours link to happiness and the cellophane used over the face represents isolation as it shows signs of being trapped behind something.”

Credits left to right: Sophie Stewart, Sophie Keen, Olivia Ward, Leah Bickerdike, Jess Ashe, Lydia Kirby, Sarah Thorp, Lilly Clarke

Make Up Artist for Film & TV and lecturer Charlotte Hollingworth comments: “It was exciting to see final year students explore subjects and themes that they enjoyed, and it was lovely to see year 1 students exploring and expressing their creativity. I have been really impressed with the work created this year from both years. They’ve also had a tough year to contend with.”

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