Music students lead therapy sessions for adult learners

2nd March 2022

Music students from Stratford-upon-Avon College have created and led music workshops for the College’s part time supported learning students.

Students on the Level 4 Music Performance & Production course created, developed and led workshops with two of the College’s adult learner groups to inspire fun, engagement and mindfulness as part of their music therapy sessions.

The Level 4 Music course helps students develop a wider range of skills in relation to the music industry including business management, teaching and music therapy. Lecturer Stephen Birkett comments: “It prepares our students for the industry as many of them will find employment in teaching or work in community groups and therapy workshops.”

The Music students led workshops with the supported learners using a range of musical instruments

The supported learners took part in a session in which they used instruments and percussion to create soundscapes, sound effects and rhythms. The Music students told a story and the group assisted in creating effects to create the right sound scape. They created sounds like rain and thunder using a multitude of percussion instruments.

Lecturer Jo Walker detailed why it was such a good session for the supported learners: “We are currently looking at different leisure activities and how they can be beneficial in our lives. These types of activities are great for mindfulness.” She also praised the Music students for leading the session: “The Music students really did well. And since they did two sessions, they reflected on the first session and developed and improved it the second time.”

The supported learners were extremely happy with the experience. Laura Bartley commented: “I really enjoyed working with other students at the College! I was nervous at the start but I loved going up for the drums!” Emily Gray added: “I love rock music so loved drumming!”

The students particularly enjoyed the drumming

Music students Jake Stevens and Jack Cooper found leading these sessions extremely enlightening. Jake commented: “It was great creating an environment that was fun and allowed others to be creative.” Jack added: “It was also great teaching experience. There are lots of jobs in that area so it’s a really useful to have this type of experience.”

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