Outdoor Enthusiasts Test Their Survival Skills

8th May 2018

Adventurous Public Services students from Stratford-upon-Avon College undertook a gruelling 48-hour expedition to the Peak District, honing their navigation skills as they trekked across the stunning national park.

Classroom theory lessons spent sharpening their orienteering skills paid off as the thrill-seeking adventurers were dropped off in the wilderness and tasked with navigating themselves through the countryside to a final checkpoint, all while dealing with torrential rainfall. Throughout their hike, they faced a variety of problem-solving challenges, all set by their lecturers, including having to evacuate a staged casualty and treating burn injuries.

Finding themselves a suitable camping location and preparing a hot meal were next on the agenda before the weary but high-spirited group rose with dawn to continue their journey to the pick-up point – and a warm mini bus-ride home.

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Left to right back row: Public Services lecturer Oli Wilkins with student expedition members Daniel Webber-Goldsby, Matt Harvey and Luke Edgar-Hitchin Left to right front row: Laura Widall, Tom Handy and Ella Higginson

The College’s Public Services course aims to prepare students for entry into the armed forces, police, ambulance service and other uniformed professions.

Daniel Webber-Goldsby, 17, from Bromsgrove, took on the role as leader during the expedition. Daniel, who plans to become a pilot in the RAF, feels he has gained a great deal from the experience. “I’ve become a lot more confident. Being an expedition leader is a very new role to me. I enjoyed taking charge and making sure everyone was in good spirits and doing what they were supposed to be doing – I really surprised myself.”

Public Services lecturer Oli Wilkins was full of praise for the students. “I’m extremely proud of what the students have achieved; they demonstrated determination, stamina and resourcefulness. Each and every one of them showed a commendable positive attitude, and even the less than ideal weather did not dampen their high spirits!”

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