Photography student enjoys stress free start to freelance career

4th February 2022

A Photography student from Stratford-upon-Avon College has begun her career journey as a freelancer by working with a local company who specialise in selling natural products to help with sleep and anxiety.

Daisy Perry, 18 from Bidford-upon-Avon, is a second-year student on the Level 3 Photography Extended Diploma. Daisy has enjoyed a range of great experiences and client interactions as part of her course and is now using the skills she has learnt to set herself up as a Freelance Photographer.

Daisy Perry
Daisy Perry is excited to begin her freelance career

Daisy has since provided photography for Avonside Adventures and Annabel Sarah Bridal. This work got her noticed by local company The Ives, who specialise in providing a range of products that help with sleep and anxiety. The company is run by Trudy Armel who lives in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Trudy set up the company in January 2021 after her 4-year-old started struggling with sleep. Trudy commented: “I’m a big researcher so started looking into natural remedies to help. After a lot of research, I developed the Dreamer magnesium sleep oil.”

Trudy was keen to expand her market, so recruited Daisy to help gather product photos to help reach out to new audiences: “My main audience currently are mums like myself. But these products can help a variety of people: women, men, young people; so many people can benefit! So having a young person’s insight like Daisy‘s can really help there.”

Daisy has produced some excellent product photography for The Ives

Trudy has been very pleased with Daisy’s work so far: “She has been amazing: polite, confident and not afraid to ask questions. She has been really good at helping me with the process of branding.”

Daisy is really enjoying working in a freelance capacity: “I like the freedom you get and the creative choices I get to make. It’s great fun and I enjoy working on my own projects. And if the client is happy, I’m happy!”

Sophie Jolly, Photography lecturer, is excited for Daisy’s future: “It’s great to be venturing out as a freelancer. It can be a route that is forgotten about, with more of a focus on university or employment but there are so many exciting opportunities to be had! It is great students have built the confidence to create their own businesses.”

To see some more of Daisy’s work for the company, visit The Ives website.

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