Backstage Production Arts student gets Busted!

30th October 2023

A Backstage Production Arts student from Stratford-upon-Avon College recently got the chance to work as a crew member as part of pop legends Busted’s 20th anniversary tour.

Charlie Davis, 18, from Redditch, is in his second year of the Backstage Production Arts course and it didn’t take him to the year 3000 to secure professional gigs as he is already working in a range of theatres and concert venues. He worked at this particular event as he is a team member of All Alliance; an event crewing service.

Birmingham Utilita Arena
Charlie worked on the Busted Tour gig at Birmingham's Utilita Arena

The gig was at the Birmingham Utilita Arena; an impressive venue with a capacity of 15,800. Charlie was there as a crew member and then was assigned a role covering sound set up: I was part of the set up and the pack down. It was incredible as it was a sold-out event too!”

Charlie is keen to pursue a career as a technician, which is why he chose Stratford-upon-Avon College to study: “I always knew that I wanted to be a technician. This was the best course on offer that allowed me to learn about all areas of technical theatre, so I had time to learn which area I really wanted to focus on. It’s such a comprehensive course that has given me the chance to have options.”

Charlie Davis at tech desk
Charlie is working hard at college as well as working on a range of professional gigs

As well as working on concerts, Charlie is also working in theatre. He is working with SSL Theatre at Redditch Palace Theatre as a sound operator for Legally Blonde: “It’s been great to have the chance to work in theatre and concerts and I am excited to be working soon on a pyrotechnics project. I want to build up as much experience as I can.”

Charlie is extremely pleased with the direction of his career thanks to his training at college: “I started off with nothing, but this course has meant I have learnt skills, made links, gained experience. Even after just completing my first year and getting my UAL Diploma, it has opened doors into the industry. I am very excited to complete my course and head straight out into the profession.”

Helena Lowrence, Backstage Production Arts Lecturer, commented: “It is so wonderful to see the knowledge and skills implemented in college have been used to secure incredible work; it’s fantastic to see Charlie achieving success in the industry.

It is also beneficial to other learners as the industry experience students bring back to college they can share – peer learning can only develop the learning of all. Experiences like this develop networking, build more skills and develop student’s CVs and it is stuff you just can’t learn from a textbook!”

Congratulations Charlie on teching for Busted’s tour, after all, it’s what you go to school for.

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