Fine Dining With An Allergy Friendly Twist

3rd April 2018

A catering student from Stratford-upon-Avon College is organising a unique dining experience, serving food safe for anyone with food allergies – and delicious even for those without!

Felicity Dunbar, 17 from Alcester, has recruited her fellow culinary learners to host Allergy Friendly Dining, which will take place on Thursday 26 April, during Allergy Awareness Week.

Felicity suffers from many food allergies herself and is unable to eat everyday foods most of us take for granted, including eggs, peanuts, beans and tomatoes.

Discussing her condition, Felicity commented “There are 14 different food allergies a person can suffer from which obviously really limits what you can eat. I want to prove that it’s possible to serve a variety of delicious meals that are totally safe for people with food allergies.”

Diners will be treated to a varied taster menu which includes roasted vegetable salad, chicken Wellington in wheat-free pastry, and dairy-free chocolate brownies.

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Felicity Dunbar with fellow catering students Danni Brown (left) and Charlie Barr (right) perfecting the recipes for Allergy Friendly Dining

The event will be held in the College’s on-campus Academy Restaurant, and Felicity will be working front-of-house throughout the night, talking to diners about living with food allergies and the challenges she faces when preparing food and ordering meals.

Proceeds will go to Over The Wall, a UK charity that provides residential summer camps for children and their families coping with serious illnesses and conditions.

Over The Wall aims to rebuild children’s self-esteem following the diagnosis of serious illness through a residential programme incorporating activities such as wall climbing, canoeing, horse riding, arts and crafts, music, and talent shows.

Having been to the camp for the last three years, Felicity is passionate about giving back to the charity. “I’ve benefited so much from the experience I’d love to raise some money for them.”

Felicity, who plans to make a future career out of developing food recipes for people with allergies, knows exactly what dish she is most looking forward to preparing for the event. “The deserts! Whenever I go to restaurants, I’m never able to have any. So being able to create deserts for people with allergies is very exciting. And I’ll definitely be sampling a few too!”

Tickets for Allergy Friendly Dining are available now at £20 per person. Seating takes place at 7pm. For bookings, please call 01789 266245.

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