Foundation Learning students prepare for the world of work

19th April 2024

Foundation Learning students from Stratford-upon-Avon College recently completed an enjoyable and highly beneficial work experience week as they prepare for the world of work.

Nathan Barnard, Henry Freeman and Tom Horsman who are all studying on the Level 1 Diploma in Vocational Studies took on a range of work experience placements to utilise skills developed on their course and also enjoy a new learning experience.

Nathan undertook a work experience placement at The Talisman Theatre and Arts Centre in Kenilworth. His work included observing shows from the lighting rig, helping dismantle a set from a production moving out the theatre, setting up an incoming theatre show, learnt about ladder usage and the safe use of tools, plus learning about the roles in theatre.

He commented: “I most enjoyed helping to set up the stage and getting to work with tools; it was great being practical. I was able to develop other skills too, like having to work as a team.”

foundation learning student working on a ladder
Nathan (pictured above) loved working practically and getting hands on in a theatre environment

Henry Freeman took on his placement at The Ark Veterinary Practice in Stratford-upon-Avon. He participated on a range of tasks and thoroughly enjoyed his time: “Work experience went very well, I learned lots, observed lots of surgeries and consultations, and helped to prepare and tidy up the operating theatre. I really enjoyed it, and it was nice to learn practically.”

Tom Horsman completed his work placement at Stratford Library. He helped in areas such as sorting and organising books, helped set up events, learnt about setting up book displays and shadowing other staff.

He commented: “My time at Stratford Library has been an interesting and enjoyable experience. I learned a lot about the different services the library offers which is way more them I first thought such as all the different events and groups it hosts almost every day. The staff have all been really lovely and helpful and made me feel like part of the team. Overall my time at the library has been very positive, every day I learnt something new and I am glad I did my work experience there.”

Nina Charles, Programme Manager for Care and Foundation Learning, described the work experience process: “The Entry Level 3 and Level 1 Vocational Studies learners as part of their study programme took part in a 1-week work experience. In preparation for this week all learners completed a range of activities, which included ‘What Employers Want’ booklet, researching potential job opportunities and the skills and qualities needed for their chosen job. Each learner had a one-to-one meeting with the work experience co-ordinator and were responsible for producing CV’s, Covering Letters and formal emails to employers. I have received positive feedback from a range of employers commenting on the professionalism and motivation of the students. I am very impressed how the students have represented themselves and the college.”

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