Graphic Design students secure work following placements

18th February 2022

Graphic Design students from Stratford-upon-Avon College have excelled on their work experience placements and have secured further work opportunities as a result.

Chloe Smith, 17 from Bidford-upon-Avon, and Maisie Moulton, 17 from Evesham, and are both in their second year on the Level 3 Graphic Design course. As part of their study, students must undertake work experience. Chloe and Maisie managed to secure their own placements with local companies.

Maisie and Chloe
Maisie and Chloe both impressed on their placements

Chloe took on work with Galaxy 42, a company who create bespoke software, websites and services for businesses. Malcolm Smith, business owner, described what Chloe worked on: “Chloe’s main role focused on manipulating images, creating icons, creating logos; anything to do with the design element! She has also helped me develop the company’s new website. Usually, I would outsource those to other contractors, but it has been great to give Chloe that responsibility and it has also meant I can see what she does and learn from her.”

Malcolm thinks work experience is an excellent opportunity for students: “It gives them a real-world experience. Chloe was able to experience the commercial aspects of a business rather than just hypothetical tasks in a classroom. It is great for students to see how the work they do fits into the bigger picture.”

After she completes her course, she will be taking on more regular work for the company. Chloe commented: “I’m excited to develop my skills with Galaxy 42 to get more experience and then eventually move into interior design and illustration.”

Maisie went to Modus Agency, a design agency which specialises in Graphic Design, branding, print, web design, packaging, social media and online advertising. As part of her work, she had to create business cards, work on website design and produce logos. She was taught about printing and colours and got real hands-on experience.

Since her experience, Maisie has been offered professional work during her half term break so can use the skills and apply them to real life projects.

Both students have enjoyed their time at college and are excited to be stepping into the working world. They are both glad to have studied Graphic Design, though it wasn’t either of their original choice. Maisie originally was interested in the Media but then learnt about the animation aspect of the Graphic Design course which she described as a big pull for her. Chloe was originally thinking about Art, however, after attending one of the College’s open days, she saw the Graphic Design students work on display: “I saw what previous students had created and thought it looked great! I also had done a lot of handmade art previously, but this course has allowed me to build my digital skills”.

Graphic Design lecturer Helen Wright is pleased with Chloe and Maisie’s progress. She commented: “Being offered work following work experience is not common; they were offered it because of their communication, hard work and good attitudes.” She further explained how work placements can benefit students: “Working in a real world setting as a Graphic Designer gives the students an understanding of deadlines and handling multiple projects. It also allows them to learn and use up to date terminology. All of this they can add to their portfolios which is only a benefit when beginning their careers.”

We are excited to see what Maisie and Chloe will achieve in the future!

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