Make-up students create frightening faces for Halloween

1st November 2021

Students on the Make-up for Stage and Screen course at Stratford-upon-Avon College recently took part in a Halloween themed challenge to attempt to create the scariest look.

Both first and second-year students took part in the task, with students able to choose their own looks in order to demonstrate their talent and creativity.

Jessica Marston gory makeup aesthetics at Stratford-upon-Avon College
Second year winner Jessica Marston produced a creatively gory design on model Natasha Witte

The looks ranged from creepy clowns to Day of the Dead skulls, from horned devils to gruesome injuries with each look being detailed and unique. The first-place prizes went to second-year student Jessica Marston and first-year student Rhianna Siviter. Some of the finished looks can be seen below.

The Make-up for Stage and Screen course allows students to study a range of specialist make up techniques for fashion, film and theatre. This includes make up for TV, special effects make up and theatrical make up for stage such as fantasy creatures and historical styles – so Halloween is a perfect opportunity to practise the more macabre and fantastical looks.

The students really enjoyed the project and look forward to it every year. One student commented, “It is something I really was looking forward to this year, not only as the subject matter is fun, but it’s a project you get to completely choose for yourself.”

Rhianna Siviter makeup at Stratford-upon-Avon College
First place for the first year went to Rhianna Siviter's ruby skull design

Lecturer Charlotte Hollingworth enjoys this part of the course too. She comments: “It really allows the students to be free and creative. The competition element really helps as well as it gives the students more drive and the results are really great to see.”

The Theatrical Make Up department regularly share interesting and creative looks created by students on the @suacmakeup Instagram account. Why not give them a follow to see more!

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