Media students land roles at Commonwealth Games

19th August 2022

Two Digital Media Production students from Stratford-upon-Avon College have gone for Gold and got roles working for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Students Lewis Hawkins and Luke Simpson were both offered professional work for the Commonwealth Games after completing their courses at the College earlier this summer.

Luke obtained a position in the Video Playback department for the Rugby Seven’s at the Coventry Building Society Arena and Lewis was assigned the position of Floor Manager for the Triathlon at Sutton Coldfield Park.

Lewis (pictured left) and Luke (pictured right) got Media roles within the Commonwealth Games after impressing at interview

Both students have worked hard throughout their course and always tried to increase their experience and expertise. Just recently Lewis completed a documentary for the BFI Film Academy.

So, when they heard of a voluntary project to assist at the Commonwealth Games they jumped at the chance, but after getting phone interviews they found out it was actually for paid roles. After successful interviews they were both offered work.

Lewis commented on how College assisted in getting him the position: “I wouldn’t have got the practical experience necessary if not for college. During my interview I could give loads of examples of when I had done that work before for numerous projects as part of my course.”

To be a part of the team for the Commonwealth Games was extremely rewarding for Lewis. He described his role in the Games: “My role as floor manager was to ensure the relevant people are in the right place, at the right time. But this includes so much more and constant planning and looking ahead to fill any part of spare time with content such as quizzes, games and other interactions with the audience, as well as arranging many interviews with the athletes and their families for recording.

This was my favourite thing, as the position gave me such a privileged opportunity to experience the triathlon up close and interview and meet the athletes after to deliver their thoughts and opinions to the public.”

He also described a specific highlight: “The game that the floor crew had to put on during the in-between races break was a favourite moment. We went onto the finish line and set up a mini triathlon, selecting five young members of the audience to compete for the chance to win a special vinyl prize. I had to do my part and demonstrate the game in front of the whole venue, which was so much fun. But the best thing about the game was when the young New Zealander took his turn. Just as Silver Medallist Hayden Wilde (who turned out to be his older brother) was watching from the athlete area.”

Lewis has benefited from his time at the Games: “I have taken away lots from this experience, as all members of the crew, from Sound Engineers, to Producers and Cameramen were ensuring they deliver as much advice and guidance as possible. They all helped me do the role as best as I could, which in turn, helped them focus on their own roles better, as I was then able to work efficiently and effectively with them.

It was incredible being a part of the Commonwealth Games, working with the crew I did was such a special thing. And in that atmosphere surrounded by the sports people and fans, as well as the hundreds of other local volunteers, I was so proud to be a part of the best thing that has ever happened to Birmingham, and do my part to make it special.”

Lewis Hawkins with his team
Lewis, pictured here with his team, had a wonderful experience working at such a prestigious event

Luke very much enjoyed his time as a Video Playback Operator and undertook tasks like playing the graphics of Trys when scored and airing adverts on the big screen. The best part for him was: “The atmosphere that was around with the crowd! Also everyone in the crew was extremely nice and we had a lot of fun.”

Both Lewis and Luke are continuing on to learn more about the industry, with Luke going to university and Lewis beginning an apprenticeship and they will be using the connections and skills developed from this work to help them progress.

Congratulations Lewis and Luke and good luck for what we are sure will be impressive futures!

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