Student takes law experience into his own hands

27th July 2022

A Psychology, Criminology & Law student from Stratford-upon-Avon College has impressed on a recent placement at a local solicitor’s and has secured a paid position over summer.

Harley Price, 16 from Wythall, is coming to the end of his first year on the Level 3 Psychology, Criminology & Law course. He undertook his first work experience placement of the course at a Stratford-upon-Avon solicitors office; Davison’s Law.

Harley Price
Harley has always been passionate about working in Law

Harley has always been interested in Law. Growing up, his dream was to be a Barrister. When choosing where to study, Harley decided Stratford-upon-Avon College was right for him: “The structure was better for me. I could get the same level of qualifications as A-Levels but still have time to work around my studies which sixth form didn’t offer me.”

Though Harley’s main focus is Law, the Psychology, Criminology & Law course has been great for Harley: “All three elements of the course are connected. When I have finished, I will have a much wider knowledge base.”

As part of his study, Harley had to find a work experience placement and found himself a place with Davison’s Law. Le-Anne Tustin, Office Manager detailed why the company took on a work experience placement: “We like to support the local schools and the development of a new generation offering a look into the world of Law that can sometimes seem rather daunting.”

She added: “Work experience is so useful for this industry as it gives a new generation an insight into the benefits of what the law sector can offer. Everyone remembers their Work Experience – I did mine in a Solicitors practice at 15 and here I am 20 years later!”

The work experience lasted a week and through that time Harley got the chance to get insight into different stages of conveyancing. This included mortgage processing, property searches, contract drafting and shadowing the will and probate solicitor. This was of particular interest to Harley: “I found this really interesting and made me think if becoming a criminal barrister doesn’t work out, I’d definitely consider specialising in probate and wills.”

After impressing on the placement, Harley has been offered a paid job with the firm this summer. Le-Anne highlighted why the position was offered: “Harley was enthusiastic, with a real interest in the industry and a dedication to a career path in law.”

Psychology, Criminology & Law lecturer, Sharon Gerrard-Pickering, commented on why Harley has succeeded: “Harley’s work ethic is excellent. When he first started the course, he found it challenging trying to meet deadlines, but he soon turned this around. Having worked hard revising for exams, success soon followed, and this encouraged Harley to submit some excellent assignments. As a result, he won the certificate for the most improved in Psychology in Year 1. Harley showed great initiative in going into the solicitor’s in person to see if he could secure a work experience placement and it was impressive that he was offered that chance there and then, especially as he’s under 18. It’s to his credit that he has been offered paid summer work, proving that hard work and determination are the key to success!

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