Students are splendid in Spamalot

21st February 2023

Musical Theatre and Backstage Production Arts students from Stratford-upon-Avon College put on a medieval masterpiece as they delivered a hilarious production of Spamalot at the Stratford Playhouse.

Spamalot, a musical written by comedy legends Monty Python and based on the 1975 film ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’, follows the story of King Arthur on his quest to find the Holy Grail. Meeting a range of madcap characters along the way and performing in a whole host of outrageous musical numbers, the show is a laugh a minute and the students did not fail to deliver.

Spamalot cast
The Knights of the Round Table

To begin, the show looked incredible! The set consisted of castle turrets and bushes with the backdrop changing by the great AV displays operated by Astro Clack. The Lighting Designer Adam Blake deserves special mention as the lighting was spectacular; the colours and sequencing enhancing all the showstopping musical sequences.

The story itself was hilarious, the classic gags that are well known to fans worldwide were delivered excellently by the college performers. Chloe Shepherd as the French Knight hurling insults at the English was side splittingly funny and the French accent was truly ‘outrageous’. Lana Penney as the bravely bold Sir Robin who was more Broadway than Brave also showed excellent comic ability as the cowardly knight.

The French Knights (pictured left) and Robin played by Lana Penney (pictured right)

Musically the production was a triumph. Libby Gaynor and Carys Chorley displayed stunning vocals as the Ladies of the Lake. As soloists they impressed with every note and when duetting their harmonies were awesome.

Libby Gaynor (right) and Carys Chorley (left) played the Ladies of the Lake

The whole cast were an impressive ensemble. The big numbers which involved the whole company were spectacular. The dancing and singing talent by each and every cast member really should be noted; the dancing by Caitlin Gold as Patsy and Andrew Docherty as Sir Gallahad especially was showstopping!

Check out some of the production photos

We can’t review a performance of Spamalot without mentioned the main man himself: King Arthur. He must sing, dance, and bring the comedy throughout. This could be a challenge to find a performer capable enough, but not for this show! King Arthur was played by the fabulous Billy Lambert. The charisma, comic timing and cracking choreography he displayed meant he truly was the King!

Billy lambert as arthur
Billy Lambert as King Arthur

All together the show was a triumph and the whole cast and crew made sure that it was a knight to remember!

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