Industry insight for Backstage Production Arts students

13th October 2021

Backstage Production Arts students from Stratford-upon-Avon College were recently treated to expert guidance as part of their work experience week.

Freelance industry professional, John Campbell, visited the students to show them how the skills they learn on their course link to life in the industry.

John himself studied music at the college between 2007-2009, during which he learnt a lot of the sound engineering skills he now utilises in his work.

John shared his range of experiences and knowledge with the students.

Lecturer Helena Lowrence comments: “Students really benefit from being able to ask questions. These industry visits give students a flavour of what the industry is really like. This week has given the students the chance to understand John’s journey and the different routes into the industry.”

As part of their work experience week, 1st and 2nd year students have been exploring a range of skills, including; sound for live events and theatre, the science of sound, how to set up PAs and mics, sound direction, troubleshooting and problem solving, analogue desks vs digital desks and more.

John was delighted to spend time with the students and return to his former college. He comments: “This week has been about bringing real life to the classroom. For some of the first-year students, this is their first go at using some of this equipment. It’s essential they know the science behind the technology. The students have been very receptive and a delight to work with.”

John added: “I know a number of people who have done this course here at Stratford now working in the West End and throughout the industry. This is a great platform. I look forward to working with these students in the future.”

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