Make up students celebrate the seasons

29th November 2021

Make up for Stage and Screen students have completed their final projects for 2021; using special events and the four seasons as their themes.

The theme for the first-year students was collections. They could choose their own project from make up for day, evening, bridal, period, Halloween or cultures. The second years brief was trends throughout the seasons.

Make up by Roisin Brown
Make up by Roisin Brown

Lecturer Charlotte Hollingworth describes how final projects are great for the student’s development: “Utilising final projects rather than exams means the students can take ownership of their work which helps promote drive and enthusiasm. You can see it in the results!”

Students have so far been using themselves and each other to practise and create their looks. For their final project, they were pushed further and had to work with an external model. This allows the students to start working as they would in industry; working with new people and adapting their skills to suit their model.

The students produced a range of amazing looks. Student Alice Knight focused on the theme of Summer. She comments: “I had an idea for a colourful look. I was inspired by 1990’s fashion so linked it to that. Summer really worked for me as I just love the colours. I have loved picking my own project as it offers endless possibilities which is so exciting.”

Student Natasha Witte took inspiration from the other end of the spectrum and chose Winter as her stimulus: “I really like the layering of clothing and it evokes a Gucci style. It’s been great to choose my own project as it gives me independence and allowed me to create in my own way.” As an extra challenge, Natasha worked with a model she didn’t know – she comments: “That was a great experience as it was like working with a client. I really enjoy working with people. I’m confident interacting with others and I feel a look will be better if applied with confidence.”

Alice Knight produced a 90’s inspired Summer make up look and Natasha Witte used a Winter Gucci look for her theme

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