Public Services students venture into the great outdoors

12th November 2021

Public Services students from Stratford-upon-Avon College have tested their skills as they embark on a variety of exciting excursions.

First year students started by heading into the Malvern Hills, while the second years journeyed to Tryfan, in Snowdonia for the day.

The students reached new heights in the Malvern Hills and Tryfan; learning to work with tents and rescue equipment

Students were set a series of challenges to complete on the trips to develop their team building and endurance. They were kept on their toes by responding to incidents at short notice and when tired and damp. The students also had to contend with all of the seasons; encountering rain, hail, fog and sunshine. They also got to learn how to navigate outdoors using maps and compasses. These types of activities are true reflections of what they could experience in either the blue light or military services.

The students are currently finishing a residential weeklong trip in Devon. By staying for a prolonged period, the students have to develop even more skills relating to basic training like living with others and managing activities when tired. The activities became more varied with the students from both years taking part in both land based and water based activities. Activities on the land included rock climbing, tunnel work, archery, high ropes, orienteering and assault courses. Water based exercises included rafting, kayaking, surfing and pool activities.

Students did a range of land and water based activities

The students enjoyed their residential trip immensely. Tommy Mitchell, who instructors said had demonstrated the biggest improvement during the week, detailed what he enjoyed the most, “I really enjoyed the rafting and spending the day hiking out at Hartland Bay. It’s made me think about some of the things that can hinder and help teamwork!” Jack Dingwall, who instructors commended for his positive attitude, also learnt a lot about working as a team, “The instructors at Skern Lodge were brilliant and really made the week fun and enjoyable. I’ve learned that it’s not always easy to work as a team but when you do things can be achieved easily!”

Lecturer Oliver Wilkins discussed why these trips are important: “The main purposes of these trips are for the students to meet essential criteria from the course, get to know themselves in a different environment and learn what they can do under pressure. These skills are directly transferable to the roles they will be involved in in future careers in the Uniformed Public Services.”

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